CPP Propeller Gearboxes

A wide range of CPP gearboxes are available with transmission power up to 17000 Kw, transmission capacity to 50Kw /rpm and thrust of 1850Kn. The designs share several common features which include:

  • All models have a side input flange
  • All models have a flange on the PTO output side
  • The output shaft on all models is hollow to allow for the installation of an OD box
  • A standby lube oil electric motor pump is mounted on the gearbox
  • Twin filters are fitted to allow for easy washing of a filter with no interruption to normal operations when this is being done.
  • All CPP gearboxes are fitted with hydraulic disc friction clutches which can be engaged or disengaged via local or remote control.

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CKV Vertical offset

CKH Horizontal offset

CKTS Twin input, single output